Where to Find Vegetarian Cooking Schools

More and more people are turning to alternative eating choices such as vegetarianism. As this culinary subculture grows, an increasing demand for restaurant quality meals suitable for vegetarians is on the horizon. After all, vegetarians like to eat as much as anyone else.

Salad is great, salad is good, but even salad gets boring after a while. Vegetarian restaurants are popping up all over the place, especially in metropolitan areas, to fill this need. A successful recipe is something a carnivore would be happy to eat as well. The response: “My God, you mean that’s not meat?” is the seal of approval for a faux meat recipe.

The problem is lack of strictly vegetarian cooking schools. They are very hard to find, and even when they are found, usually it’s just one small class or set of classes, not an entire school; they are not going to prepare someone for a career as a vegetarian chef. One such awesome class is a Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai. For vegetarian foodies lucky enough to be traveling abroad, a cooking class must be on their to-do list!

In order to successfully become a vegetarian chef, most people will need to work through a normal cooking school and supplement their schooling with vegetarian cooking classes or books about successful substitutions. Cooking is mostly scientific and the rules learned in traditional cooking school can be carried over to vegetarian cooking. It can be hard for a strict vegetarian to cook with animal products, but if they have a strong desire to serve other vegetarians with good, quality food it can be a worthwhile endeavor.

The online vegetarian community is helpful for anyone interested in vegetarian cooking. I really like the blog Andrea’s Easy Vegan Cooking. The blog is geared toward the vegan crowd but the substitutions and ideas are awesome for vegetarians too. Another great resource is Lisa’s Kitchen. The recipes are delicious and the instructions clear. Veggie Belly’s blog  has various worldly vegetarian recipes that are both exotic and divine.

Vegetarian cooking is here to stay. And as others learn how delicious and satisfying this lifestyle can be, the world will slowly become a better place.

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