Vegetarian Meals, 5 Places To Get Some

Are you thinking about eating less meat, or maybe going full on vegetarian? Apparently many are looking for information on vegetarian meals. So below I have a small but complete round up of five places to get some.

1. Local Grocer – Most grocery stores such as Jewel, Cub Foods, Krogers and Walmart have a dedicated vegetarian meals section. Look in the frozen aisle for meatless burgers from Boca and Morningstar, veggie hot dogs, pizza and more. Can’t find it? Ask a store associate.

2. Online Food Ordering – There are vegetarian take-out businesses, that will fully prepare a vegetarian meal for you and your family for monthly or weekly stipend. Some of the better known companies out there include and have put together a national list of online ordering companies.

3. Vegetarian or Vegan Restaurants – What better way to get a QUICK and EASY meatless meal than having someone else prepare it for you. Visit to find a vegetarian restaurant near you.

4. Friends Who Are Vegetarian – Have a vegetarian or vegan friend? Invite them over and ask them (or gently suggest) that you would love to TRY their eggplant lasagna, black bean burger, mushroom rice plate, etc. More than likely they will be GLAD to cook a veggie meal for you.

5. DIY/Make It Yourself – If you’re halfway decent in the kitchen, you most likely can prepare quite the vegetarian feast. Find a recipe that you like, get the ingredients together and cook to your hearts content. Bon appetite!

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